• We should have a 25% to 30% tax cut.

  • Our accounting system is used to deceive the taxpayer and hide the real cost of Town Departments. (Legal but not in accordance with good accounting practices.) 

  • We need a smaller town Government. 

  • We need more transparency in Town Government. 

  • We believe in free speech at public Council Meetings. 

  • All Lisbon Residents should be treated equally. 

  • We should have a last resort program to help Lisbon Residents pay delinquent taxes when they fall on hard times. (Some type of work for taxes program.) 

  • Lisbon Town Council needs to police their own. The many conflict of interest problems our Councilors have had reflect badly on "ALL COUNCILORS"

  • Lisbon Residents should have a department by department vote on the budget.