Wednesday, February 27, 2019

ATTENTION LISBON!!!!!!!!!!! by Larry Fillmore

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

There is an epidemic sweeping across our country affecting the lives of millions of Americans; this is the opioid crisis. Opioids affect the lives of everyone in our country. It is important Lisbon does everything it can to prevent this crisis from affecting our community.

It is a parent’s responsibility to protect their families. One way to protect our families is to rid our homes of expired or unused medications before it gets into the hands of our children or other unauthorized individuals. By cleaning out our houses, we are eliminating the possibility of our kids using unauthorized medications.

If we can get all the expired and unused medication from our homes, it will help immensely to reduce the possibility of the opioid crisis in Lisbon. Having the parents’ dispose of expired or unused medication will help to protect our community. It is vital that each parent act responsible and do everything they can to protect their children from getting their hands on expired or unused medication.

Residents of Lisbon are very fortunate because there is an easy, no questions asked, method to dispose of these expired or unused medications. The Lisbon Police Department has a green container located in the lobby of the police station. This is available 24/7 365 days a year for your convenience. There is no interaction necessary between residents and the police. There is a dispatcher available if you have questions or concerns. I recommend taking the label with the individuals name off before turning in these expired or unused medications to ensure no names are revealed. The following is accepted:

The following items are accepted:
· Prescriptions
· Prescription Patches
· Prescription Medications
· Prescription Ointments
· Over the counter medications
· Vitamins
· Samples
· Medications for pets
The following items are not accepted:
· Needles and other sharps
· Aerosol cans
· Inhalers
· Hydrogen Peroxide
· Thermometers
· Medications from Businesses or Clinics

Please do not flush the medication down the toilet because this pollutes the ground water in our community. I understand years ago that this was the way people disposed of medication but we have learned the effects of doing this. This method of disposal is extremely harmful to our community. Again, please do not flush medications down the toilet.

It is imperative every parent in Lisbon do their part to protect their families and our community.
There is no reason for individuals to take expired or unused medication in Lisbon because residents have a centrally located easy to use drop-off point at the Lisbon Police Department entrance. 

Help our community, by emptying our homes of expired or unused medication.

Larry Fillmore

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