Friday, February 8, 2019


I have put together a chart of the anticipated dates for
 the conversion of MUNIS from TRIO to be completed.
  The Chart


1.        Accounting/General Ledger/
           Accounts Payable                                                October 1, 2018
2.        Cash Management                                             October 1, 2018
3.        Project & Grant Accounting                    October 1, 2018
4.        Purchase Orders                                                 October 1, 2018
5.        Accounts Receivable                                          October 1, 2018
6.        General Billing                                                     October 1, 2018
7.        Payroll with Employee Self Service                  April 8, 2019
8.        HR Management                                                 April 8, 2019
9.        Animal License                                                     February 1, 2019
10.      Business License                                                  February 1, 2019
11.      Central Property File with the CAMA Bridge  TO BE ANNOUNCED
12.      Tax Billing                                                              TO BE ANNOUNCED
13.      ME Tax Lien                                                           TO BE ANNOUNCED
14.      Tyler Cashiering                                                    February 1, 2019
15.      Utility Billing                                                          7-8 months
The town is paying $79,761.00 tax dollars a year for this software package.  The
 contract started March 1, 2016, so the first nineteen (19) months; the town paid for
 MUNIS and receive absolutely no benefit from it because it was not operational. 
 So this means the town wasted nearly $160,000.00 tax dollars and you wonder 
why taxes continue to go up every year.

Mrs. Lydia Colston, Finance Director, has been tasked to implement this program 
above her normal duties.  It would appear that Eight (8) out of Fifteen (15) modules
 have been completed.  On March 1, 2019, the contract will be three years old and 
we are half way through the implementation.  So far the town has been paying our tax 
dollars for software not yet functional.  I want to make this perfectly clear; 
Mrs. Colston is doing a remarkable job and should be commended at every chance. 
 However, the fact our tax dollars are being wasted because the town is not receiving
 the full benefit of MUNIS in which we are paying for.

Before the town and the taxpayers can receive the full benefit of this package we are
 paying for; it must be completely implemented and fully operational.  MUNIS is 
basically a financial software package.  The taxpayers are paying $79,761.00 per year
 for a software package that does not include the Recreation, Public Works, Fire, 
Police, Water and Sewer Departments.  Each of these departments has their own 
software packages to run their operations. 

Each day that goes by without MUNIS completely implemented and fully operational,
 the town is wasting taxpayers’ dollars.  It is almost guaranteed that the Town
 Manager is going to ask for more increases this year and the Town Council will approve them.  This will raise our taxes again.  

Call you Councilors and the Town Manager and tell them to stop wasting our tax dollars
. Also, tell them to start looking for ways to save tax dollars and reduce our taxes.
Larry Fillmore

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