Thursday, December 6, 2018


I reviewed Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting for December 4, 2018 and was surprised to see Councilor LaRochelle being nominated for the position of Chairman of the Town Council. This just demonstrates members of the Town Council have not read or do not understand what the town Charter says.

Section 2-04, Chair, paragraph (b) reads “Term Limits. No member of the Town Council shall be eligible for election as Chair or Vice Chair for more than two consecutive one year terms. For the purposes of this section, election to an unexpired term of less than six (6) months shall not be considered a term.”

One would think this is very clear. However, it is not and I do not understand how anyone can interrupt this any different. If you have served as the Chair for two consecutive terms, you can no longer be eligible to serve again as Chairman/Chairwoman. If you notice, it does not say in the current term or any other terms. It says very simply, if you have served as Chairman of the Town Council for two consecutive terms; you are no longer eligible to serve as Chairman again.

On Tuesday night, Chairman Ward nominated Councilor LaRochelle for the position as Chairman of the Town Council. This is in violation of the above stated provision of our town Charter but our own Town Clerk did not explain this to the Council. Councilor LaRochelle served two consecutive terms as Chairman in his previous term on the Town Council. Currently, there are two Councilors that can no longer serve as Chairman of the Town Council ever again and they are Councilor LaRochelle and Councilor Ward because both have already served town consecutive terms as Chairman of the Town Council.

I personally believe after every election of Councilors; they should be issued a copy of the town Charter and required to read it. It is inexcusable when Councilors are not familiar with the town Charter. This should be the Bible they are required to live by. This minor requirement would eliminate a lot of mistakes made by the Town Council and improve the serve provided to this community.
Larry Fillmore

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