Wednesday, August 22, 2018

WHAT DO YOU THINK? by Larry Fillmore

We need your input on a situation that is happening right now. At the last Town Council meeting, the Council has decided to transfer the responsibility for the Moxie Festival from the Economic Community Development Department to the Recreational Department. This decision, I believe is a poor decision by the Town Council.

Before the Town took over responsibility for the Moxie Festival, it was operated by the people of Lisbon. The community did an excellent job running the Moxie Festival and it made money. The Town Manager, at that time, decided he wanted to get some of this money and took over responsibility for the Moxie Festival. Big mistake!

Now, the Town Council is trying to pass the responsibility on to the Recreational Department. The Recreational Department is manned by three full-time individuals and has an enormous responsibility to this community already.

However, it was brought to their attention that the responsibility should be passed to Positive Change Lisbon (PCL). PCL is partially made up of business owners in Lisbon and is in their Mission Statement of the organization.


To bring together the resources of Business people, local Government and Citizens, partnering together in a positive environment, to improve the image of our community. Through the efforts of a group of highly motivated individuals guided by a clear vision of our future, we aim to build on the favorable attributes of our Town and make Lisbon a more attractive place to live, recreate and to conduct business.

The Moxie Festival is a landmark of Lisbon. It is conducted in Lisbon Falls business district and who better to have the responsibility of Moxie Festival than the business owners in Lisbon Falls. Since this is part of their Mission Statement, who better than PCL to take over the responsibility for the Moxie Festival. Who better to take this over responsibility than Ross Cunningham and Fern LaRochelle, the towns leading citizens?

I can appreciate the Council’s decision to turn the Moxie Festival over to the Recreational Department for their many successes but PCL is a much better fit. Mark Stevens and his staff have done a super job supporting this community and providing activities for all. I believe it is unfair to saddle the Moxie Festival on the Recreational Department when we have an organization and leadership in Positive Change Lisbon that this responsibility is in their Mission Statement to perform.

Tell me and your Town Council what you think.

Larry Fillmore

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