Saturday, August 4, 2018

LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY ---- by Larry Fillmore

As part of this year’s budget, the Town Manager, Diane Barnes, recommended to the Town Council that certain items be purchased using Undesignated Funds. The Undesignated Fund is our tax dollars left over from previous years.

The Town Manager uses this fund to purchase items not listed in the budget. This fund is resupplied every year by the town raising our taxes. It is basically a slush fund for the Town Manager to draw from every year.

In this years’ approved budget the Town Manager recommended and the Town Council approved the purchase of $7,800.00 for the Police Department upgrade their firearms. I am not opposed to the Police Department upgrading their firearms but the Police Department has funds available in their Forfeiture Fund.

The Forfeiture Fund is NOT tax dollars but dollars returned to the town from the state. These funds, as far as I am concerned, should be used first when upgrading the Police Department needs. Now, I understand there are some restrictions on the use of these funds but upgrading firearms is NOT one of them. So tell me again why we are using tax dollars when these funds are available to cover this expense.

This is another prime example of the Town Council NOT holding the Town Manager accountable for all her recommendations. It would appear that the Town Council approves anything the Town Manager, Diane Barnes, puts before them.

There has to be more accountability of our tax dollars if the town is going to raise our taxes every year.

Larry Fillmore

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