Monday, July 30, 2018


Monday, July 30, 2018

As Mainers, we have a responsibility to support our President until he does something against the law. Mainers elect their representatives to speak for them in Congress. One of those individuals is Chellie Pingree, District 1’s House Representative. I have downloaded the last two months of her voting record and it is below for everyone to see.

July 25 Making changes to health savings accounts, including allowing them to be used for over-the-counter medications (277-142) Voted - Yes

July 25 Expanding eligibility for health savings accounts (242-176) Voted - No
July 24 Eliminating the medical device tax (283-132) Voted - No

July 19 Opposing a carbon tax (229-180) Voted - No
July 18 Expressing support for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and denouncing calls for its abolishment (244-35) Voted – Present (Which is no vote one way or the other)
June 27 Republican "compromise" immigration bill (121-301) Voted - No

June 22 Broad legislation to address the opioid crisis (396-14) Voted – Yes

June 21 The 2018 farm bill (House revote) (213-211) Voted - No

June 20 Changing privacy rules with regard to substance-abuse treatment (357-57) Voted -Yes

June 20 Allowing Medicaid to pay for adults with opioid use disorder to receive treatment in mental health facilities (261-155) Voted - No
June 15 Allowing the prohibition of certain synthetic drugs (239-142) Voted – No

June 14 Targeting imports of opioids through the international mail system (353-52) Voted – Yes

June 7 Rescinding previously approved but unspent funding (210-206) Voted – No

As you can see, Representative Pingree has voted “NO” the majority of the time. In fact, Representative Pingree has only voted 17.2% of the time to support the President’s agenda. I believe that this definitely reflects that Representative Pingree votes along party lines instead of what the Mainers she represents feels.

It is my opinion, based on her voting record; Representative Pingree is a puppet for Nancy Pelosi. The President needs Mainers support to move this country forward and he is not getting it from Representative Pingree and the Mainers she represents.

On May 22, 2018, Representative Pingree voted “NO” on a bill to “Allow patients with terminal illnesses the right to try unapproved treatment”.
I think this is outrageous that terminal ill individuals are striped of any hope. By not allowing terminal ill individuals to try unapproved treatments, you are sentencing them to sure death. By allowing these individuals to try unapproved treatments, there is a chance to find cures. The terminal ill individuals should have the right to choose.

Representative Pingree is in District 1, so I do not have the opportunity to vote her out but others do and I encourage all Mainers in District 1 to choose wisely when voting for whom they want to best represent them in Congress.

Larry Fillmore

Concerned Mainer

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