Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Vandals Strike Town Garden by Dot Fitzgerald

Sometime Monday night someone stole solar lights from the School Street/
Route 196 Town Public Flower Garden.
On Monday, Public Works placed solar lights in the ground around the outside
perimeter of the garden, hopefully, to prevent vehicles from crashing through it,
damaging shrubs, flowers, and the Worumbo Mill Wheels, again.
This happens at least once a year. The tire marks are still there on the School
Street side, from the last time someone drove into the garden. A beautiful, large
bush was driven into, torn from it's roots and had to be removed, and the wheels
were damaged, again.
Several years ago a tree was planted in the garden in memory of Nancy Chizmar,
long time State of Maine Representative in Augusta. Someone plowed into the
garden with enough force to almost uproot the tree.
Sadly the tree did not make it.
The solar lights were supposed to prevent that from happening.
They were an attractive addition to the Town Garden during the day,
and were beautiful at night. At least on Monday night, until vandals decided
On Tuesday I noticed that some of the solar lights were placed in different spots,
with only 3 or 4 still in the perimeter, the rest, missing.
How many times does the town have to replant bushes that have been destroyed
because someone misses the curve and plows into the garden?
How many times can the Worumbo Mill Wheels be repaired before they are damaged
beyond repair?
Faye Brown first planted the garden, and the Green Thumb Gang was born.
Faye is also responsible for rescuing the Worumbo Mill Wheels, to be on display
as a reminder of our heritage.  
It would be nice if the vandal or vandals who stole the lights have a change of heart
and leave them at the police station so they can be put back in the garden,
                               to be enjoyed by all.  
Dorothy B. Fitzgerald
A Concerned Lisbon Citizen

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