Monday, July 9, 2018


An update to my previous letter on the Lisbon Reporter:

You probably remember that, at the June 26 Town Council meeting, my
remark that placing a solar light at the School Street/Route 196 Garden
might prevent vehicles from driving into the garden, and hopefully 
stopping the annual destruction of the garden and Worumbo Mill Wheels.
And my surprise when, on Monday, July 2, there were solar lights around
the perimeter of the garden. 

I assumed that the town public works had placed them there. I even
called the PW director and left a message, thanking him.

I learned last night that it was actually Chris Cradford who purchased
the solar lights, and, with the help of his son, put them around
the perimeter of the garden.

Chris, a member of the Town Council, decided it would be a good civics
lesson for his son. 

In my estimation, Chris went above and beyond Civic Duty by that 
                                     unselfish act. 
             He is my hero!

Dot Fitzgerald
A Lisbon concerned Citizen

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