Monday, July 9, 2018


From Civil War times to the Great Depression, Maine voters reliably sent Republicans to Congress while also backing GOP presidential hopefuls. Maine’s reputation as a bellwether for presidential elections gave rise to the once popular political slogan, “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.”

Today, Maine’s delegation to Congress has a different look:


Chellie Pingress – Democrat (Currently up for reelection)

Bruce Poliquin – Republican

Susan Collins – Republican (RINO Republican in Name Only)

Angus King – Independent
These four individuals represent the State of Maine in Congress. But not all of these individuals support our duly elected President Trump and his agenda. Representative Pingress has voted against the President in everything proposed. Representative Pingress has and is a puppet for Nancy Pelosi and tried to block everything President is trying to do.

Senator Susan Collins has not always supported President Trump. She has been acting like a Democrat on this selection for the Supreme Court. The name is not known yet and but Mrs. Collins is already following the Democrats lead in opposing the candidate. Mrs. Collins has clearly demonstrated that she is a RINO and a disgrace to all Mainers.

President Donald J. Trump has been in office for over a year and his record of accomplishment is massive even without the Democratic support. President Trump has made great strides in making American Great again with his elimination of unnecessary regulations which has improved our economy. He also provided everyone with a tax cut which has put more money in our pockets. President Trump has done something no other President has done and that is; he has kept his campaign promises to the best of his ability. The ones he has not kept have been blocked by Democrats.

Mainers have always been known for having a mind of their own and good common sense. Our Democratic Representative does not have these qualities because her record indicates she only votes with Minority Leader Pelosi. How can the President get anything done when the Democrats block him? Some bills have absolutely no Democratic votes at all. How is that possible when our elected officials are supposed to be voting the way their constitutes want instead of along party lines?

Mainers need to look closely in the way our elected officials are voting and if they are not supporting our President; then vote them out. President Trump is doing a good job up to this point and until he fails; he deserves the full support of our elected officials.

Mainers should be supporting our President.

Larry Fillmore

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