Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Letter from Lisbon resident: GENERAL ASSISTANCE IN LISBON

At the Lisbon Town Office, there is a door with the wording "General Assistance".This morning, needing to contact someone at General Assistance, I went to the town's website, clicked on "Departments", looking for the phone number so I could leave a message. I clicked on "Departments". No General Assistance listed under Departments. I went to Boards and Committees", no General Assistance listed there either.

I then called the Town Clerk's office asked how to find General Assistance.No one there knew that General Assistance was not listed under Departments. I was told that General Assistance could be found under the Department of Community Development. I tried that, and guess what? General Assistance is not listed there either!!!!!.

My question is; how does anyone in town, needing General Assistance, contact General Assistance?

General Assistance in Lisbon is a part-time, part-time position.
I asked Town Manager, Diane Barnes, why we do not have at least a part-time person in General Assistance? She said that the only time anyone is in need of general assistance is in the winter.
This from a person making $95,000+ per year plus benefits.

Judy Goddard, the Town of Lisbon's General Assistance director also works for the town of Brunswick. She also works for the City of Bath. Is it any wonder she is not available for the citizens of the Town of Lisbon?

Our Town Council and Town Manager recently hired 2 additional police officers. They also approved a full-time position, part-time for the front counter, part-time for the Finance Department.
But they do not see any need to help those in town most in need of assistance.

Perhaps it is time to stop wasting money on someone not available for assistance and hire an in-house part-time person to assist those in need any time of the year.

A Lisbon Concerned Citizen

Editors note from Larry Fillmore: 
  According to the latest proposed budget, under General Assistance 05-500 there is a line item 5211 Cell Phone which has a proposed budget of $363.00.  If this is the case, why is the cell phone NOT listed on the town web site.  When is the Town Council going to force the Town Manager to do her job? 

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