Thursday, April 12, 2018

Time To Do The Right Thing by Dot Fitzgerald

As most of you know, I have been attending all town Council meetings and have missed only the first budget workshop.

Now that Ryan Leighton has moved on to bigger and better things, the Town is advertising for someone to manage the Transfer Station and PublicWorks Departments.

I was at the Budget Workshop when the Town Councilors, all but Mark Lunt, were criticizing workers at the Transfer Station for not checking vehicles for dump stickers. They said that people were dumping illegally, and we, (the town) was possibly losing money.

I spoke up at the next council meeting and asked how could they, Town Manager Diane Barnes and members of the Town Council, expect them to do that when they do not have enough help. They have 3 compactors to monitor, compact when full, monitor the whole, empty that when full, plus check when people are leaving off building material, etc, and writing receipts.

The Transfer Station needs a full-time on-site manager to oversee day to day operations. Marcel Obie is perfect for the job as head of the Transfer Station.  He knows the job knows the people and the workers respect him.

I suggested that they make Marcel Obie new head of the Transfer Station. That was met with stares by all.

Now on the Public Works Department:

Why advertise for someone to head that up when we already have someone there that knows the job, knows the town, and is respected by the workers and has been head of Public Works. and was doing the job when Ryan was head. He has a 6 year proven track record as Public Works director. 

Call your Town Councilors and ask them to make Elwood (Button) Beals head of the  Public Works Department again.

Leave personalities out of it, and do the right thing for the Community

Dot Fitzgerald
A Concerned Lisbon Citizen.

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