Wednesday, March 28, 2018


I have been reviewing the proposed 2018-2019 Municipal budget, which currently has a $1,900,000.00 increase over last year’s budget. I am going to show some outstanding differences.

Let’s start with the biggest irresponsible act of all. It is a pay increase for all employees disguised as Cost-of-Living-Allowance (COLA). All town employees, regardless of their position, have been receiving this for the past eight-ten years. This year is no exception. COLA was created by the Federal government to off-set inflation but is used to ensure ALL employees receive a wage increase EVERY year regardless of the economy.

DEPT HEAD          2018 Salary     2019 Proposed   Difference

Town Manager       $95,047.00       $96,482.00       $1,435.00

Assessing Director 58,565.00          59,452.00          887.00

Code Enforcement 73,090.00          77,777.00         4,687.00

Finance Director    75,394.00           77,228.00         1,834.00

Town Clerk Director 54,217.00        56,560.00         2,343.00

Chief of Police    76,130.00              77,270.00          1,140.00

Fire Chief           69,797.00              75,005.00           5,208.00

EMS Director    1,523.00                 1,546.00             23.00

Public Works Director 42,246.00     75,005.00          32,759.00

Solid Waste Director 21,123.00        0.00                -21,123.00

Recreation Director 61,014.00         61,922.00         908.00

Library Director      51,788.00        54,089.00          2,301.00

General Assistance Dir 10,353.00   10,508.00         155.00

Economic Director 53,878.00        57,276.00          3,398.00

Treatment Plant Dir 21,123.00      82,717.00           61,594.00

TOTAL $97,549.00

Ryan Leighton

Public Works Director $42,246.00
Solid Waste Director 21,123.00
Treatment Plant Director 21,123.00

TOTAL $84,492.00 in 2018

(Not bad for an individual with no qualification for any position)
Now, I dare anyone to show me an equal means to justify the difference in salaries. These salaries were determined by the Town Manager, Diane Barnes and I cannot understand how they were determined, maybe by favoritism.

The total increase, for just the Department Heads, is $97,549.00 by my calculator. I believe that there are approximately 100 town employees and this is just 15 employees. So what is this COLA increase going to total for the other 85 employees?

I can never remember getting a $1,400.00 dollars pay increase every year and I worked for forty years. Can any of you citizens remember when you did? This is not only wrong but totally irresponsible on the part of the Town Manager and the Town Council as a whole. We, the people, hired or elected these individuals to represent our best interest and as far as I am concerned they failed measurably.

I will be reporting on numerous other problems with this proposed budget but I know that it will not make a difference to either the Town Manager or the Town Council.

I hope, the people, remember these discrepancies in November.

Larry Fillmore

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