Tuesday, March 20, 2018


This year has been extremely hard on our roads and streets. There are potholes everywhere making it difficult to drive. I do understand that it is still winter and hard for Public Works to repair our road and streets. However, nothing is stopping Public Works from marking these potholes to alert drivers of the hazard.

However, the question is “Is Public Works under Ryan Leighton doing all that they can for the residents of Lisbon?” I answer that question with a resounding “NO”. I remember years ago before Ryan Leighton being Public Works Director; a gentleman name Button Beale was the Public Works Director and we never had any of the problems we have been having lately.

Putting Ryan Leighton as the Public Works Director, Superintendent of Sewer, and in charge of the Transfer Station was a temporary fix because the State of Maine finally stepped in and told the town that Ryan Leighton was NOT qualified as a Maine Licensed Engineer. Ryan Leighton had been getting paid as a fully qualified licensed engineer. The town of Lisbon had been wasting our tax dollars on unqualified personnel being in positions where they needed to be qualified. The “condition of employment agreement” was written so that the individuals never had to complete the qualifications for the position.
Now Ryan Leighton is moving on and as far as I am concerned not fast enough; we have qualified individuals’ current in place to perform the various duties and in fact, most cases have been doing the work but Ryan Leighton has been taking the credit. The town has been paying a Ryan Leighton close to $90,000.00 tax dollars when it was not necessary. I hope the Town Council is smart enough to restore the individuals who are actually doing the work back in supervisory positions and NOT try to replace Ryan Leighton. How can you replace nothing?

Let’s learn to save tax dollars by putting ONLY qualified individuals in the required positions and if they want to do a “condition of employment agreement” makes it very clear the desired outcome and a timeline in order to complete the qualifications. By the way, they should be hired a lower salary until they become fully qualified.


Larry Fillmore

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