Thursday, March 29, 2018

Letter from A Lisbon Resident

On Tuesday March 27 I attended the marathon town budget workshop.I was the only member of the public that attended.

Prior to said meeting I printed the new budget so I could follow along.

I strongly suggest that each and every member of the community and taxpayer obtain a copy of said budget and read it.

At the budget meeting I asked about the part time person in the Assessing department, and the salary for the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

I was told that various towns in Maine, similar in population were called and thatsome of those town had part-time and some had full time assistants, and that was the salary paid to heads of Waste Water Plants.

I always assumed that each and every town and city, not only in Maine but across the country was different and unique.

It would seem that I am wrong.

It would seem, according to Town Manager Diane Barns, that that salaries of department heads in the town of Lisbon need to compare to each and every town of equal population in the Great State of Maine, no matter how many and types of businesses or industry, income of residents and tax payers; if homes and businesses compare in value.

As I said, each and every town and comunity is unique, we and not them.


Note: read and pay attention to the articles Larry Fillmore has witten in the Lisbon Reporter on the Town Budget. Be informed.

Note: We, the citizens of Lisbon, can vote on the school budget, but cannot vote on the town budget. We have to rely on the common sense, or lack of, of members of our town Council.

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