Friday, March 30, 2018


The numbers at the end of the Departments is the time it started to be discussed. This can be used for the people to review exactly what was said.

SOLID WASTE DEPARTMENT (2:56:01): I found this discussion the most laughable one of the entire evening. Chairman Allen Ward went into a rant about the staff at the Transfer Station NOT doing enough to educate the people on recycling to offset the 2% yearly increase in Waste Disposal cost. Having the staff at the Transfer Station lecture the people about recycling equates to the statement by Nancy Pelosi “We cannot arm teachers; it violates the rights of the shooter.”

Not so long ago the Town Council established a sub-committee to investigate alternative options like pay as you go; curbside pickup and pay per bag. The end result was THE PEOPLE like the Transfer Station just the way it is.Bases on the findings of this sub-committee the Town Council decided to keep the operations the same.

I cannot see the staff at the Transfer Station holding recycle classes or making it mandatory to attend a recycle class at the town office prior to being issued a Transfer Station pass. However, it was suggested that raising the cost of the Transfer Pass to cover the increase in Waste Disposal and I believe this is a much better solution to offset the cost; providing the town does not go too crazy on the increase. I can see the town raising the cost Transfer Station passes to cover the ridiculous increased in Department Head salaries.
Councilor Lunt brought up the FACT that the Transfer Station is under staffed. I believe that Councilor Lunt has a point. I go to the Transfer Station roughly twice a week and there have been numerous days that there was only one individual there. As far as I am concerned, and I believe that I speak for the majority of the town is that the Transfer Station staff does an excellent job and is a credit to the community. According to Ryan Leighton, (a very unreliable source in my opinion) there are three individuals on a daily basis and four individuals on duty on Saturday. I have been back in Lisbon for eleven years and NOT once have I see Ryan Leighton at the Transfer Station. Mr. Marcel Obie should be the Department Head, in my opinion, and that the staff needs to be increased.

Another point of discussion was that there is no one monitoring who uses the Transfer Station. This means posting a full-time individual at the entrance checking for Transfer Station passes to ensure that ONLY authorized personnel are using OUR facilities. Also, Chairman Ward pointing out that the lower building is NOT supervised; again, this goes back to staffing. If the Town Council redistributed the funds currently designated for Department Heads salary increases; there would be more than enough to hire two more individuals at the Transfer Station to cover all the demands of the Town Council.

I cannot understand how the wages increased but FICA, retirement medical insurance and unemployment line items went down. An increase in wages should normally generate an increase not a decrease in these line items.

WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT (3:12:48): I have a real concern over the salary of the Waste Water Treatment Plant Director. Again this is based on a comparison with other towns with the same or close population and not the Revenue of the other towns. This is like comparing Food City to Shaw’s or Hannaford’s or even better Family Dollar to Walmart or K-Marts. Salaries should be based on the Revenue the town has and the people can afford to pay. Check out the number of businesses in Lisbon verses Skowhegan. This salary needs to be adjusted to meet the Revenue of the town and not population.

I do not understand why Postage has increased $500.00 this year? But what is more puzzling is why no one on the Town Council questioned the increase.

Larry Fillmore

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