Saturday, February 10, 2018

Where is the Money ? by Larry Fillmore

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WHERE IS THE MONEY?????????????

After review Tuesday’s Town Council meeting, I am wondering where the Town Council is going to find $127,884.46 for next year to bailout Lisbon Emergency, Inc. The Town Council vote 6-0 to supplement the failing Lisbon Emergency, Inc. with taxpayer dollars.

It is truly amazing how easily the Town Council votes to appropriate $127,884.46 of our tax dollars without a bat of the eye. The Town Council DID NOT look for all the alternatives available before coming to this decision. A suggestion was made to have the Town contract the hospitals DIRECTlY showing them the impact of losing Lisbon Emergency would have on the community. The Town Council did not even look into this option.

This is a lot like when the Town Council had an opportunity to save the taxpayers roughly $200,000.00 of tax dollars by closing the Lisbon Communication Center. So every year, taxpayers are paying roughly $200,000.00 tax dollars for keeping the Lisbon Communication Center open instead of letting Androscoggin Country Dispatch perform the same task. Androscoggin Country Dispatch has the personnel to assign an Emergency Medical Code (EMC) telling Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedics the situation before they arrive. This ensures the EMT/Paramedics have everything they need to respond improving the chances of survival.

The members of the Town Council that approved spending our tax dollars when they did not have too were: Allen Ward, Dale Crafts, Chris Brunelle and Norman Albert. Dale Craft is no longer on the Town Council but Fern LaRochelle, who lobbied for keeping the Lisbon Communication Center open has taken his place. However, Mr. LaRochelle should not be able to vote because he is a sub-contractor of the town directly working with the Lisbon Communication Center. I do realize that in the Town of Lisbon there is no such thing as a “conflict of interest” so the taxpayers will continue to pay roughly $200,000.00 tax dollars when they do not have too.

So when you waste roughly $200,000.00 tax dollars and you add $127,884.46 for next year; how will this impact your taxes?

Larry Fillmore

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