Saturday, December 16, 2017


If you are wondering what “” is; it is the address for the Lisbon town website. The purpose of this website is to keep the people informed as to what is going on in Lisbon, Maine. It should be an attempt to provide transparency for our local government. However, as Mr. Joe Hill noted in his great article titled “Lisbon Has An Ongoing Problem Notifying Residents” no matter how many times residents complain nothing gets changed.

This is a shame because the solution is quite simple. All scheduled meeting must be posted to the “Event” calendar on the Home page. I am going to provide two solutions to the problem:

Option 1: Make the Councilor, who is responsible for the Board/Committee, responsible for posting the meeting/cancellation to the “Event” calendar.

Option 2: Make the Councilor, who is responsible for the Board/Committee, responsible to notify the Town Manager’s Administrative Assistant to all meetings/cancellations. This will ensure they are posted to the “Event” calendar on the town website.

This simple change will ensure that citizens have one location to be informed about ALLmeetings. This way the people can choose which meetings they want to attend and have an interest in.
However, before the town can implement these changes; they must first post all the Boards/Committees/Sub-Committees on the town website under the section called “Boards/Committees”. Currently, the website ONLY lists 9 of the 18 Boards/Committees listed under “Council Committee Assignments”. The Town Manager needs to ensure that all Boards/Committees/Sub-Committees are listed under the section called “Board/Committees”.

These simple changes will ensure that the people of Lisbon are kept informed and will show transparency. By the way, taxpayers are paying tax dollars for the town website so why are we NOT using the site for what it was intended to do. By selectively posting just what management want the people to see; the town is censoring what the people can and cannot have for information. So why are we wasting tax dollars on a web site that is NOT providing what we need?

Call your Councilors and ask them why the town is wasting tax dollars? Also ask your Councilors; “Who has oversight over the posting of the town website”?
Larry Fillmore

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