Monday, December 11, 2017

He'sssss Back by Larry Fillmore

Well, the people have spoken and re-elected Fern LaRochelle to the Town Council, again. I am NOT a fan of Fern LaRochelle and this article is my personal opinion. It was not bad enough that when he was on the Town Council before; there were back door meetings, numerous actions was conducted in Executive Session and Fern conducted secret meetings with the Millers over the Worumbo Mill property. I believe Fern also took advantage of his position on the Town Council to purchase town owned property at a reduced price. I call this “insider information” but to everyone else he was legal as a citizen.

As you can tell, I believe that Fern is part of the problem and not the solution. Take the Lisbon Communication Center as a prime example, Fern lobbied hard to keep it in Lisbon instead of closing it and utilizing the Androscoggin County Dispatch at a savings to the taxpayer of roughly $200,000.00. This was strictly a political decision, instead of a sound logical decision, with the best interest of the community being first. Currently, the Lisbon Communication Center cost the taxpayers of Lisbon over $300,000.00 a year; money that could be better used to improve the community. Fern did this as a sub-contractor of the town for wrecker/vehicle recovery service.

Why do I bring this out, yet again, it is because the first thing Fern did was appoint himself as the Councilor to the Public Safety Committee. This means he has a say in the Lisbon Communication Center which dispatches wrecker/vehicle recovery service for the town. I believe this would be concerned a “conflict of interest” anywhere else except Lisbon.

Also, it is my opinion the length of the Town Council meetings will increase two fold because Fern likes to hear himself talk. He is always saying “At the end of the day”. So for the next three years, I believe that Fern will be wheeling and dealing and costing the town more money than it needs to spend. In my opinion, Fern LaRochelle is a primary member of the “good old boys network/political machine” of Lisbon.
This is my personal opinion but I believe that Fern LaRochelle has to screw his pants on in the morning.

Larry Fillmore

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