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Last Wednesday night, I attended HALF a meeting on the issue of the Lisbon Emergency situation. However, upon arrival at 06:40 PM, I learned the meeting had already started. It was on the town website as starting at 0700 PM. I have no idea what time it really started but I missed a discussion on the Request for Procurement (RFP). The last meeting was cancelled (without notice to the Public) because they had not received a response to the RFP. I came to see what was in the RFP’s. Apparently, I missed that whole discussion. It would be nice if you could believe the town website.

I think I should catch everyone on up on what is going on with Lisbon Emergency. Lisbon Emergency, Inc. is operating at a loss. They are asking the taxpayer of Lisbon and Bowdoin to bail them out with additional funds. Check out the chart below:

2018-2019 $162,152.78 $127,884.46 $34,267.92
2019-2020 $187,762.90 $149,172.84 $39,590.06
2020-2021 $251,354.03 $199,245.74 $52,108.29

This is to maintain the current level of service to our communities.

I have utilized Lisbon Emergency several times this year and the service I have received was outstanding. The Emergency Medical Technician’s (EMT) were very professional and very efficiency. There is no question Lisbon Emergency is a valuable asset to our communities. Without their service, our communities would have to wait for ambulance service (United Ambulance Service) to come from Russell Street in Lewiston. Utilizing United Ambulance Service would not cost the towns anything but there will certainly be a delay. CAN WE AFFORD THE DELAY?

When I asked if Lisbon Emergency had looked into alternative solutions before these towns bail them out; I was immediately informed by Chairman Ward this is NOT a bailout. I do not understand why this is not a bailout. Lisbon Emergency is a private business, providing a service to these towns, and are asking the taxpayer to add additional funds to their revenue to operate. HOW IS THIS NOT A BAILOUT?

This is a real tough situation because if the taxpayers do not come up with the additional funds; Lisbon Emergency will have to shut down and United Ambulance Service will have to provide citizens with emergency medical services. This is a critical situation that directly affects the lives of every person in both communities. Bowdoin has a town meeting in March and will vote on it. However, Lisbon does not have a town meeting to decide these issues; I believe because everyone in Lisbon is affected by this issue; it should be decided by a vote of the citizens and NOT left up to the Town Council. This is just too important.

Think about where the money is going to come from? The town of Lisbon is currently wasting over $200,000.00 by keeping the Communication Center open instead of using the Androscoggin County Dispatch center. This was a political decision instead of a logical one. CAN WE AFFORD TO SUPPORT BOTH?

Larry Fillmore

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