Sunday, October 8, 2017


After reviewing our latest Town Council meeting, I am wondering who is looking out for the taxpayers and our money. Back on September 19, 2017, the Council approved a ¾ vehicle for the Sewer Department in the amount of $25,843.00. Now on October 3, 2017, the Council approved another ¾ ton vehicle for Public Works Department in the amount of $16,159.00 tax dollars. I would appear that Mr. Leighton can get whatever he wants with our tax dollars. These two vehicles were NOT budgeted previously, go figure.

Apparently Mr. Leighton needs larger vehicles in order to transport his golf clubs instead of protecting our citizens. I am so tired of Mr. Leighton wasting our tax dollars on more “toys for the boys” instead of looking out for the safety of the people. Look below:

These are pictures of the signs along the Route 196 corridor. As you can see most of them cannot be read. How is our Police Department going to enforce the “No Parking” when no one can read the signs? These signs were put in as part of a safety initiative. Apparently, there is no longer a safety issue along the Route 196 corridor. These weather beaten signs run pretty close to the full length of Route 196; some are readable but the majority is NOT.

The money Mr. Leighton wastes on vehicles could be spent to replace these signs. Where are Mayor Fern LaRochelle and the Route 196 Committee, or Tracy Steuber, Economy Community Director, or Mr. Ross Cunningham, from Positive Change Lisbon? Each of these individuals claims to be trying to improve the community. The Route 196 corridor is heavily travelled daily; so these signs are seen by many. What impression does one get after reviewing these signs? Does it reflect how the community takes care of its citizens or that they do not care?

The Town Manager, Diane Barnes, and the Town Council approve anything Mr. Ryan Leighton puts before them. No one bother to check for sure they are needed but why two vehicles? The vehicles purchased before were from the State Actions for considerable less and served this community very well. All of a sudden that option is no longer available. Mr. Ryan Leighton is the largest BS artist in this town, now that Chief Brooks has left.

Our Town Council needs to review all purchases closer and look for other options before spending our tax dollars; instead of taking the Town Manager and Ryan Leighton’s word.

Larry Fillmore

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