Sunday, October 29, 2017

My Right to Support the Candidate of MY Choice

Some one is taking away my right to support the candidate of my choice.

I support Scott Gaisson in his running for the Maine House of Representatives He would work hard for the citizens of Lisbon and the State of Maine. When I found that he was running I asked him if he would place one of his political signs in on my property, which he or one of his supporters did.

A sign for Mr.. Gaisson's opponent, Rick Mason, was placed on my neighbor's property weeks ago. I respect that my neighbor has a right to support a candidate of his choice and place a sign on his property.

A little over a week ago someone removed Scott Gaisson's sign, from my property. I found it in the middle of the road, in the School Street, Route 196 intersection, badly damaged after being run over by numerous vehicles.

I found the sign and put it again on the wire stand. A few days later Mr.. Gaisson replaced the damaged sign with a new one.
Sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning Scott Gaisson's sign was again stolen. It was placed on my neighbor's property.

I called the Lisbon Police Department and reported that a political sign was stolen, not once but twice. The police office who responded suggested that the sign on my property
was taken by teenagers.

Kids who had a new sign to place on my neighbor's property at the same time.  Really?????????? This is improper politics at it's worst.

Someone is taking away my right to support the candidate of my choice for the Maine  House of Representative.

I am asking that whoever removed Scott's sign do the right thing and bring it back, no questions asked.  And no, I am not even suggesting that my neighbor removed the sign from my property.
He and I have more respect for each other that that.

Not only was Scott Gaisson's sign missing, but a second one for his opponent


Dot Fitzgerald
A Lisbon Concerned Citizen


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