Sunday, September 3, 2017


It sure would be nice in here in Lisbon we had transparency in our local government as promised by the current Administration. Even the Home page of the town website states there is transparency in Lisbon. I would like for the Administration to define their definition of “transparency” to the people of Lisbon.

I have been laid up for a while and wanted to review what was going on while I was not feeling so well. I followed the instructions on the town website to review the Town Council meetings to catch-up. However, when I did so, the Town Council meetings come up just fine but there is NO Sound. I had to go back to June 27th to find a meeting with sound so you could hear them. At this point, I must apologize for not being able to read lips. So please tell me again how this is “Transparency in Local Government”? The people cannot hear what being said at these meetings, is it still “Transparency”?

Now, I can explain the problem to you. The problem is that once the town sends the meetings to Clerkbase; who updates the town website no one follows through to ensure it is posted right. This is the problem with our current Administration. They believe that once they send it to ClerkBase their responsibility is finished.

It is also amazing that every one of the School Board videos come out crystal clear and never has a problem. It is only the Town Council meetings that have all the issues. It has been that way for several years and no one can correct the situation.

Can we still call this “Transparency in Local Government”?

Larry Fillmore

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