Friday, March 3, 2017


A German mayor pressured his citizens to suppress their outrage over the murder of an 82-year-old woman by a Muslim migrant.

Cottbus Mayor Holger Kelch, a member of Chancellor Merkel’s CDU Party, released a press release that focused more on the concerns of migrants living in the area than citizens upset over the death of Gerda K., who police say was murdered in her apartment by a Syrian teenager in December.

“We know that the nationality of the suspects will stir up emotions,” he said, translated from German. “A single, young man has, according to current knowledge, most shamefully and brutally abused our hospitality, openness and tolerance in Cottbus.”

“However, the satisfaction that came with the successful investigation is mixed with concerns that all foreigners in Cottbus are now under suspicion, but the courts are responsible for the convictions of suspects.”

The mayor’s gravitation toward political correctness – particularly by burying any link between migrants and violent crimes – is systemic of Germany’s “open borders” culture which fuels the migrant crime epidemic.

But how can Germans prevent terror attacks when political correctness forbids them from discussing the matter and even reporting migrant crime statistics?

Migrants committed at least 200,000 crimes in 2015, according to the German Federal Criminal Police Office, but experts suggest the number is actually higher due to hesitation by police to report crimes which don’t fit a politically correct narrative.

“Chairman of the union of German criminal authorities, AndrĂ© Schultz, says that up to 90% of sex crimes committed in Germany are not included in official statistics

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