Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lisbon Maine's Road to BANKRUPTCY --- Part 3

We have a problem in Lisbon.  Our Town Government isn't acting in our best interest. Councilors actions make it evident they are serving another master.  

Recently Lisbon Councilors:

  • Voted against saving the taxpayers of Lisbon $200,000 dollars a year by changing dispatch to the County.
  • Voted against making Lisbon residents safer by reducing emergency response times.
  • Voted against the most effective implementation of the E911 service.  (E911's purpose is to improve emergency response. Adding a layer on top of the service increases the response time and negates its purpose).
These same Councilors will soon vote to take more of our money, 19.2% budget increase, to pay for their refusal to get rid of our costly and marginally E911 compliant communication system.   

When businesses see a Town that is asking its residents for a 19.2% budget increase they see a town that is HEADED FOR BANKRUPTCY.

Joe Hill

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