Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Letter From a Concerned Citizen in Lisbon Falls

The jpgs are a scan of the mailing envelope and the letter Mr. Mason signed using my tax dollars for the paper and the envelope and the postage and the man hours from zip code 04330 which is Augusta.

Taxpayers should be aware of the politicians trolling for votes, using taxpayer funds to do it.

Senator Mason from Senate District 22 is using Maine taxpayer money to print, use taxpayer envelopes and postage to do a job that as a taxpayer I am already paying for?

What could possibly be his motive? The funds have been unclaimed since 2007. Mr. Mason has been in office since 2010. Why did he delay in informing me about this transaction awaiting my attention?

He is obviously not aware that I am waiting for the Maine Treasurer to send me the unclaimed check.

Perhaps he is not busy enough representing all the constituents in Maine Senate District 22, and with the legislative reading of the 1600 bills that he will be voting on........

A "very" deplorable in Lisbon

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