Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trump Just Changed How Obama Will Get His Pension And Michelle Is FUMING!!!

As the guy at the top of the executive branch, President Trump has the ability to make many subtle changes at the departments that fall under his authority. The Federal Department of Pensions, for example, determines and distributes the pensions of retired federal employees from the president all the way down to the guy who sorts your mail.

With a single executive order so insignificant that it slipped through unnoticed, President Trump made sure Barack Obama’s pension was secure for another 40 years, but with a twist that has Michelle Obama FUMING>

EO 1096830, signed just minutes ago, guarantees Obama his $600K per year pension as federal law states, but just like all other retirees, he has to wait until the retirement age of 65, or another ten years, before he can start cashing the checks. Trump’s Twitter handler and chief social media propagandist, Jeff, told Breitbart News:

“Obama made $619 million from Obamacare alone, so he can wait until he’s old like everyone else to start collecting old people money. Hopefully by then pensions are all part of a privatized Social Security truist fund and he sees his payment cut in half like the rest of the mpeople who think they deserve a handout for a few years work.”

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