Thursday, February 23, 2017

Letter From Deplorable Lisbon Falls Resident.

  This report can be found on FACEBOOK - Progressive Maine aka PM posting from 02-20-2017.  The Portland Press Herald published it word for word like Fake News Lemmings, that they are.

Progressive Maine Scorecard - Another Fabricated Participation Award Ribbon?
Under Fair Use, here is their hyperlink:

Progressive Maine has fabricated and published a REPORT.  Because of their efforts, it has now created another RIBBON to award to the participants. To be used to craft Public Policy and a data point on their re-election cards.

This report is fabricated from the 19 votes taken in the Year 2016 within the Portland City Council agendas.  Stopping just shy of calling Portland voters too lazy to read and study these documents for themselves, and with adverbs galore, PM created eleven PROGRESSIVE subjects for their participants to be evaluated by.

  These are:
Racial .....Justice
Gender .....Equity
Strong .....Public Schools
Great .....Public Parks
Access to..... Health Care
Affordable .....Housing for those who work and live here
A Clean..... Environment
Sane .....Drug Policy
Welcoming for immigrants
An End Corporate Handouts
An Economy .....that serves the interests of working people, not just wealthy business.

So the Portland City Council got their Participation RIBBONS for future use.  After reading this fabrication, it gives the impression that PM cares nothing about the taxpayers burden they are already paying.

Now this fabricated REPORT will be used in future public policy.  It has made the GREAT LEAP forward in the process of creating a brick in the sidewalk, for the self-aggrandizing PROGRESSIVES to tread upon as they fill their own pockets with cash from their crony buddies.

from a deplorable in Lisbon

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