Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Letter sent in from a Lisbon Falls resident. in response to Citizens Outreach For Elders Program.

A small blog for a taxpayer of Lisbon suffering under Altruistic intentions at the local, state and federal level. 

Free?  Like the Moxie Festival is? Who pays for the office, the phones, and all the paper, copier ink, electricity? Surely, there will be a inter-office opportunity for chatting up the volunteers by the full time paid staff, just being curious on how many elderly and what their problems are? So, confidentiality is out the window.  Is there a line item on the budget for the hours wasted in "chat" time? Is there a line item on the budget for the personal number of hours needed to review these applicants, perform background checks, interview, etc.? What if one of the volunteers is having a bad day and the elderly are taken advantage of financially or abused mentally after hours? Elder abuse is on the rise and this is the type of opportunity that a creep would be looking for. Taxpayers in Lisbon are in debt to the tune of 20 Million in bonds, our State debt is at 8.6B, and the Federal Debt is just shy of 20T. Altruistic emotion is a communist idea. There are neighbors, churches and other organizations that are not controlled by the government or the POLICE force or soon to be Planned Parenthood for the elderly, to administer this type of program that the taxpayers already pay for....

Perhaps the Chief can explain where this IDEA came from?  So the Chief cannot resist the politics of change?  The chief of police will have a "ready" made list of the elderly to give to the next level of government bureaucrats that WILL come looking for it.  Maybe not today, but the action is too juicy to let it just be at a volunteer level, it is an opportunity to expand government reach into our homes, today the elderly tomorrow the children.  Do Not Be Fooled by this idea.  The Chief should (see image) and insert it at the end.....

signed Deplorable in Lisbon

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