Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Every year at this time, people are trying to decide what their New Year resolutions will be. I have been attending Town Council meeting for approximately 5 years. This is the first year that I have been encouraged by the Town Council. Five of the seven Councils have demonstrated they have common sense and this is great for the community.

It makes me feel good that the worm has turned and common sense has the majority vote on the Council. Every resident of Lisbon should be looking forward to positive changes in the coming year. These five Councilors, I believe have only the best interest of the community at heart. It is a long time coming, but I believe, these five Councilors will move the town forward for a change.

I do not believe that the excuse “We do it this way because it is the way is always has been done.” will no longer be acceptable. An example of this is the purchase of police vehicles. Why are we financing an item that cost $25,000.00 instead of purchasing it outright? If we do not have sufficient funds to purchase the item why are we buying it? If the town of Lisbon is in such financial stress that we have to finance $25,000 then the town will never get out of debt. You do not eliminate debt by increasing it when you do not have to.

Another example is why are we paying over $350,000 for an operation that puts our residents at risk; the individuals operating the center are not qualified as Emergency Medical Dispatcher and are using 353-2500 for emergency situations instead of the state 911 emergency situation? All 911 phone calls are received by Androscoggin County Dispatch, so why don’t the 911 operator have the authority to call OUR first responders immediately upon receiving the call instead of forcing the 911 operator to contact the Lisbon Communication Center to have them dispatch OUR first responders. If the 911 operator cannot get through think about the delay in getting first responder to the scene. This situation has happen on several occasions according to Androscoggin County Dispatchers.

The Recreational Department is having trouble funding the upgrade of the MTM Center playground. The town is looking to finance a front end loader. Closing the Lisbon Communication Center will provide sufficient funds to pay for both projects and the police vehicles without financing. What a concept?
I am looking forward to this year’s Town Council to make great strides in improve our community.

I want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful New Year.

Larry Fillmore

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