Thursday, December 8, 2016


On Tuesday night, the Town Council met and discussed many items and this is a summary of what took place. 

The first item of business was to swear in the two new councilors and the councilor that was reelected. Once this was completed, the new council selected Councilor Allen Ward as the Chair and Councilor Chris Brunelle as Vice-Chair of the Town Council.

Under Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances –

1. Medical Marijuana Ordinance Chapter 70-1 & 70-531 (First Reading) – The Town Council discussed this for over a half hour and came to no conclusion. They accepted input from residents in the audience. At the end, there were more questions than answers. The Town Council schedules a Public Hear for the next meeting. 

2. Adoption of GA Maximums Appendix A-F (First Reading) – The Council voted 7-0 to accept the appendix as written. 

3. Establishment of the Lisbon Development Committee (Second Reading) – The Council voted by a vote of 7-0 to approve as written. 

4. Lisbon Development Committee Bylaws – The Town Council noted that the bylaws did not match the written establishment so they did not take any action except to send this back for review. 

5. Designate Council Members to Sign Payroll & School Payroll Warrants – The Town Council voted by 7-0 to accept the guidance of the Town Manager. 

6. Loader Bid Award – The Town Council accepted the bid for a loader at a cost of $167,725.00 by a vote of 7-0.

Under Other Business – The Town Council approved for Tracy Steuber to be nominated to the Northeast Economic Developers Association (NEDA) by a vote of 7-0. Chairman Ward passed out a listing of the goals he would like to see addressed in the New Year. He encouraged each Councilor to the listing and added anything they wanted. The Council also setup January 10, 24 & 31st for dates for Workshops to discuss items on the listing.

Larry Fillmore

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