Wednesday, November 2, 2016


At last night’s Town Council meeting, the following is a summary.

Under Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances –

1. FD 2 – 2016 SCBA Compressor Bid Results – The Council approved the bid from Industrial Protection Service for $21,945.00 by a vote of 4-0. Excused Councilors were Bickford, Kolbe, and Albert.

2. Cruiser Bid Award – The Council approved the bid from Casco Bay for $25,375 and an additional cost for changing over equipment for a total of $33,000.00 by a vote of 4-0. This is again a lease to purchase.

Under Other Business – Kathy Malloy (Assessor) and Dennis Douglas (Code Enforcement Officer) provided Department Heads Oral Briefings to the Council.

Under Appointments – The Council approved two new committees as follows:

Advisory Committee as part of the CDBG requirements - Members are Tracey Steuber; Amanda Bunker; Dennis Douglas; Karin Paradis; Don Fellows; Scott Hall; Fern LaRochelle and Gina Mason.

Lisbon Brownfields Steering Committee – Members are Tracey Steuber; Richard Main; Charlotte Farnum; Marie Hale; Trevor Kenkel; Roger Bickford and Gina Mason.

Larry Fillmore

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