Monday, November 7, 2016


It is time for the people to look at how the Town Council votes. This should provide facts for the people to see which Councilors are putting the best interest of the community first when they vote on agenda items.

But wait a minute; this cannot be done because the Town Council’s votes are, for the majority of the time, unanimous. In the last year, only two Councilors voted against an agenda item. Councilor Klobe and Councilor Crafts did not vote with the group only once in a year.

This is an indication that everyone is playing well together. But is this true? Councilor Cote voted against the group close to 90% of the time. Councilor Cote ALWAYS put the best interest of the town ahead of everything where other Councilors put their personal agenda before the community.

We need Councilors who are not afraid to vote for the community first and friendships second. This should always be the measuring stick for a Councilor and not if he plays well with others. When considering how good a Council is; a review of his voting record should be the only yardstick. Today, it cannot be done because they ALWAYS vote unanimous and therefore there is no way to measure which Councilors puts the community first.

We need to vote for the Councilors that will ALWAYS put the best interest of our community first. Currently, we know that Councilors Meteiver and Brunelle vote personal agenda and NOT what are in the best interest of the town.

Please think about this when you vote on Tuesday, November 8th.


Larry Fillmore

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