Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lisbon Election results

Election Results for November 8, 2016

Town of Lisbon
State Referendum
Annual Candidate & Municipal Referendum 
November 3, 2016
Results for Federal & State CandidatesResults for  State Referendum Questions
For PresidentTotalQuestion 1:  Legalize Marijuana
Clinton, Hillary & Kaine, Timothy D1697YES2423
Johnson, Gary & Weld, BillL281NO2456
Stein, Jill & Garaka, AjamuG83Blanks66
Trump, Donald & Pence, MichaelR2749
Declared Write-ins17
Blanks119Question 2: Public Education Fund
For Rep To CongressNO2416
Cain, Emily D1998Blanks66
Poliquin, BruceR2759
Question 3: Guns/Require Background Checks
For State SenatorYES1826
District 22NO3072
Fochtmann, RichardD1269Blanks47
Mason, Garrett R3463
Questions 4: Raise Minimum Wage
For Rep To the LegislatureYES2250
District 56NO2625
Gaison, ScottD1978Blanks70
Mason, GinaR2731
Question 5: Ranked Choice Voting
For Register Of ProbateYES2344
Androscoggin County NO2479
Reynolds, ThomasD2087Blanks122
Said, Joanna R2427
Question 6: Transportation Bond
For County CommissionerYES2647
District 4NO2170
Lary, IsaiahR3988Blanks128
Results for Municipal CandidatesResults for Municipal Referendum Questions
For Council At LargeTotal Question 1:  Bond Front End Loader
Donald Russell Fellows2077YES2240
Christopher Brunelle2109NO2332
For Council District 1Question 2:  Bond Paving Projects
Eric Glen Metivier755YES2586
James Jay Harriman464NO1978
Mark Curtis Lunt858 
For Council District 2Queston 3: Charter Amdt School Capital Equip
Kris Allen Crawford1164YES2635
Michael Ray Hebert898NO2063
For School Committee 3 Year
Paula Jean Jefferies2221Queston 4: Charter Amdt Planning Bd Review 
Traci Jo Austin3017YES3310
(Note: Vote Two Number s/b double) 
For Water CommissionQuestion 5: Charter Amdt Muni. Capital Equip
William Alex Bauer4613YES2797
State & Municipal Ballots Cast: 4946
Registered Voters: 6522

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