Thursday, October 13, 2016

Women voting for Gender Card ---- Men like Trump

Seeing red: Map shows Trump would win White House by a landslide if only MEN voted
New electoral maps by FiveThirtyEight predict who would win the presidential election if only men or women voted

Current polls show that Clinton is leading Trump among women by an average of 15 percentage points
Meanwhile, Trump leads with men by just 5 percentage points 

The gender split means that if only women voted, Clinton would win in one of the largest landslides in history

If only men voted, Trump would also win in a landslide - though somewhat smaller - with 350 electoral points to Clinton's 188


PUBLISHED: 11:05 EST, 12 October 2016 | UPDATED: 12:39 EST, 12 October 2016

Trump may be losing with women, but the Donald can perhaps take consolation in the fact that if only men voted - he'd win the presidency in a landslide.

A new map from the website FiveThirtyEight shows who would win the presidential election, if just women or men voted.

According to data from the latest polls, Trump leads Clinton with the men's vote by five percentage votes. So if women's suffrage was suddenly reversed on November 8, Trump would win in a landslide election with 350 electoral points to Clinton's 188.


FiveThirtyEight has put out two maps, showing what the election would be like if only women or men voted. While Trump would win in a men's only election, it would not be in as large a landslide as Clinton's victory in a women's election

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