Tuesday, October 18, 2016



The other day, I was running errands around town and almost lost control of my vehicle after reading Mr. Eric Metivier’s reelection sign. The sign read “a Citizen and not a politician”. Are you kidding me?

Eric Metivier was one of the ringleaders that challenged the School Department budget a few years ago. The result was in the taxpayers having to pay approximately $15,000.00 for five extra referendums and additional legal fees. Mr. Metivier also stopped the consolidation of the Androscoggin County Dispatch and the Lisbon Communication Center. According to Councilors Garrison and Pesce the cost savings to the town would be approximately $190,000.00 per year. Since it has been two years, which means this move resulted in the taxpayers have lost out on approximately $380,000.00 and will continue too until Lisbon gets rid of the Lisbon Communication Center.

Mr. Metivier has always been a member of the “Good Old Boys” network which is just another way of saying “Politician”.

On November 8th, the people of Lisbon must think hard and long before casting their vote for Town Councilors. Mr. Chris Brunelle voted with Mr. Metivier on everything. Mr. Brunelle is a follower and not a leader. Neither one of these two individuals has demonstrated they have the best interest of the community at heart. Instead, they are wasting our taxpayers’ hard earned money.

Please choose carefully! In order to move our community forward, the Town Council has got to remember to put the best interest of the community in making their decision.

Larry Fillmore

Editors Note:  It wasn't Councilor Eric Metivier that caused the additional votes on the School budget last year it was the Schools "Special Interest Group" that ran a campaign to vote no  causing additional votes and expenses.

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