Friday, September 9, 2016


/I believe the right answer is three? The rest are impostors. This was clearly demonstrated Tuesday night. First, we have to begin with “What is a Councilor? Once an individual is “Elected” as a town councilor, he represents the people in his district or at large. This means he no longer has a personal opinion but must vote for what is best for the community and the people of his district or at large.

Several years ago, the people voted out all three councilors up for reelection because these councilors failed to move the community forward and did not vote the desires of the people. This needs to happen again this year!!!!!! As a result Roger Bickford, Eric Metivier, Chris Brunelle and Dale Crafts formed an alliance to control the Town Council. You can see that I no longer call them Councilors because they have not earned the title.

These are the same individuals that created the situation with the School Budget several years ago. This caused the town to have 5 referendums at a cost of $3,000.00 per referendum. They also cost the town an increase in legal fees. These four individuals were solely responsible for this situation.

Next, these same individuals put a stop to merging with Androscoggin County Dispatch.
This merger would eliminate the Lisbon Communication Center and allow for Androscoggin County Dispatch to immediately dispatch “OUR” First Responders upon receipt of a 911 call for emergency services. This would have saved over $200,000.00 tax dollars per year. So now, the taxpayers are forced to spend these additional funds which would help reduce our taxes. Each year that goes by the taxpayers have to pay more tax dollars to operate the Lisbon Communication Center. Roger Bickford refused to put the Lisbon Communication Center on the agenda. Councilor Kolbe has asked to have this reviewed by Council but Roger Bickford is protecting former Chief Brooks.

Now, we come to Rick and Gina Mason wanting to sell used cars on their property. The town’s Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance and the Land Usage Table all prohibit this action. Roger Bickford has forced this action back to the Planning Board two or three times and each time the Planning Board comes back with it cannot be done. They have tried a survey, workshop and Public Hearing and in every case the majority of residents have stated they did not want any changes to the zoning on Route 9. Roger Bickford and his alliance are not going to accept the will of the people. Councilors are supposed to take the desires of the people and vote that way. These four individuals are voting to help a friend out instead of concentrating on what is best for the community and the desires of the people. These four individuals have done more harm to this community in the past two years which has set the growth of this town back several years.

Individuals, who have their own personal agenda, should never become a Councilor because that is not what a Councilor is there for. The people elect these individuals to represent their wishes and desires to move this community forward not backwards. These individuals have forgotten their duties and responsibilities to the people of Lisbon and need to be replaced this November before they do any more damage to our community.

I refuse to call Roger Bickford, Eric Metivier, Chris Brunelle and Dale Crafts Councilors because they have demonstrated a behavior that clearly reflects they are not for making this town better. They are forcing taxpayers’ taxes to increase every year. Their decisions are based on loyalty to their friends and not what is best for our Community.

Shame on them!!!!!

Larry Fillmore

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