Tuesday, September 6, 2016

HILLARY’S MOTORCADE INCLUDES AMBULANCE Ambulance follows Hillary around campaign trail


Kit Daniels - SEPTEMBER 6, 2016 31 Comments

An ambulance is a part of Hillary’s motorcade, which underscores the candidate’s major health issues.
In a video by Infowars correspondent Millie Weaver, an ambulance is seen following behind Hillary’s campaign bus with its lights on, indicating it’s part of Hillary’s motorcade as she visited Cleveland, Ohio on Labor Day weekend.

The ambulance isn’t that unusual given Hillary’s poor health – and even if Trump has an ambulance in his motorcade as a precaution, it’s likely he doesn’t rely on it like Hillary given her previous hospital visits.

Hillary even suffered a severe coughing fit during her speech on Monday which lasted over four minutes.

She had another coughing fit later on while on her plane with journalists, which to her benefit meant she didn’t have to answer any hardball questions.

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