Saturday, September 3, 2016

Here we go again ---- Larry Fillmore


I just reviewed the agenda for Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting and see that “Route 9 Zoning” is back on the agenda. What this means is that Chairman Bickford (Good Old Boy) believes he NOW has the votes to push his agenda through the Council on Route 9. If you remember Chairman Bickford would not allow the Council to vote on the issue at the last meeting because Councilor Metivier was not present to vote. Of course, the Council voted on everything else on the agenda; highly illegal.

This brings up an interesting point. Who is supposed to be advising these Councilors? I always believe that the Town Manager was supposed to be advising the Council on issues of protocol. I thought that was part of her job description and is why she receives such a large salary. However, that cannot be true because she sits there and allows so much illegal activity go on.

We all realize that the Council will never correct themselves. They only do what they are told to do. If you do not believe this, watch the videos and see what input is provided by Councilors Craft and Brunelle? Watch the interaction between Councilors Bickford and Metivier, remember the saga with the School Budget. The new Councilors have not yet learned the rules about the “Good Old Boys” network however, they always vote with the group. Apparently, they did not have their own thoughts and want to be part of the group.

Well Tuesday night, the residents of Route 9 will learn their fate. On four separate occasions, the majority stated they did not want the Zoning on Route 9 to change. In every situation in this country the majority rules, but when you have a “Good Old Boy” network in place that is not acceptable. Chairman Bickford will come up with some illegal action to make sure the Mason’s get their way. The best solution is to wait and present this to the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee for action. Any action taken before then will be an illegal act opening the community for a court battle.

If you are a resident on Route 9, I encourage you to come to the meeting Tuesday night at 07:00 P.M. and voice any concerns you have.

Larry Fillmore

Editors Note:   Councilor Craft must recuse himself and not vote on the rte 9 zoning change.   This change was requested by his relative and would financially help that relative.  

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