Friday, September 30, 2016


We are coming up on the second anniversary of the Town Council shutting down the Consolidation of the Lisbon Communication Center and the Androscoggin County Dispatch project for providing emergency services to Lisbon. The estimated cost savings to the community was approximately $190,000.00 tax dollars per year. So far, the community has lost out on approximately $380,000.00 tax dollars. The following fake councilors can take full credit for this: Roger Bickford, Eric Metivier, Chris Brunelle and Dale Crafts.

These individuals have made no effort to investigate and resolve any questions they had at the time so we can assume that questions were NOT the real reason for shutting down the project. If these individuals really cared about our community or they would have looked into how to save approximately $190,000.00 per year in tax dollars for the people. However, they never made an effort to provide relieve for the people but instead increased our taxes every year. However, come November of this year, the people will have an opportunity to correct this situation and vote someone in that will put whatever is best for the community before any personal agendas

There are several critical reasons to having Androscoggin County Dispatch provide our emergency services to the community.

(1) Having Androscoggin County Dispatch immediately dispatch OUR first responder upon receipt of the 911 call will provide the best quality of life possible. Forcing Androscoggin County Dispatch to contact Lisbon Communication Center prior to dispatching OUR first responder (current system) is time consuming and if they cannot make contact because 353-2500 is busy as has happened on numerous occasions cause a delay that puts our lives as risk needlessly.

(2) Having Androscoggin County Dispatch providing emergency services to Lisbon will save the community approximately $190,000.00 tax dollars. This is NOT chump change and will help to reduce our taxes

(3) Having Androscoggin County Dispatch providing emergency services to Lisbon will enable Sergeant Moore to return to the Police Department full time. This will improve the efficiency of the Patrol Division.

(4) None of the individuals currently filling positions as dispatchers are currently qualified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD) so they should be classified as Communication Specialist. There is no NEGEN911 equipment in the Lisbon Communication Center and therefore they do not receive 911 calls directly and cannot establish the Emergency Medial Code (EMC) that is required to be pass on to the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in an emergency medical situation.

These are a few advantages for closing the Lisbon Communication Center. However, I am sure that by now you are asking the same question “Why has these imposters not looked into the situation in two years?” This is a scenario which should be of great importance to provide residents with better quality of life and would save the people money. These two items should always be a top priority in order to improve our community. Think about how far $380,000.00 could have gone to improving our community.

This brings me to the reason for this article. If the phonies do not come to an agreement with Androscoggin County Dispatch or any other Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) by the end of the year; the town will lose another $190,000.00 for next year. I have talked to Androscoggin County Dispatch and they estimate it will take approximately six months to integrate Lisbon into their system. This will move us into yet another budget season and the community will lose out for another year.

The Town Council has stalled enough. Let’s have a Town Council workshop and include representative from Androscoggin County Dispatch or whatever PSAP they want to use and resolve all questions and move forward and do what is right.

Larry Fillmore

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