Monday, August 1, 2016

Lisbon Maine News by Larry Fillmore


Have you ever wondered why the town publishes the Town Council agenda on Thursday?  The reason is so that everyone has sufficient time to research and review all items on the agenda.  This is so anyone with a problem or concern will have ample time to prepare their thoughts and comments prior to the Town Council meeting.

Now on July 5, 2016, the town clerk prepared a memo adding an additional agenda item for that same night.  This memo did not state why it had to be processed that night.  It was for a banner for Positive Change Lisbon with no other details available.  This memo should have been presented in accordance with the normal Council Working Rules which means it should have been processed prior to Wednesday before the meetingPiss poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part. 

There are provisions in the Council Working Rules to revise agenda’s when the situations arrive or there are emergency situations.  The very next agenda wasn’t even revised.  But the Council allowed Fern LaRochelle to address the workshop on an idea of forming a Route 196 Committee and to allow this committee to spend the $50,000.00 grant matching funds.  Apparently, this could not have waited until the next Town Council meeting.  But wait a minute, at the next Town Council meeting there was absolutely no mention of this proposal.  Keep in mind the Town Council cannot vote at a workshop.  So tomorrow’s agenda is out and there is no mention of this on the agenda either.  So how critical was it to alter the agenda?

Now, tomorrow’s agenda has been changed yet again.  One of the changes is critical and must be addresses tomorrow or the world will come to an end.  The new memo wants to go out for bid on Davis Street.  It is recommended by the Route 196 Committee which has never been approved by the Town Council.  Again, why is so critical that it has to be approved before the committee is approved.  Once again, an example of Mr. Leighton not knowing what he is doing?  What is so critical that the agenda had to be changed?

This is my opinion; these revised agendas are changed at the last minute to hide what is going on in the community.  If these changes are so critical then a memo should be included to the people explaining why they have to be processed with such short notice.  Published the day before the meeting, does not provide sufficient time for the people to research the item.  The Council Working Rules should be strictly followed all times and in cases of emergencies should be clearly spelled out.

I completely understand that the “Good Old Boys” network and certain Department Heads do not have to comply with any rules or regulations.  These individuals believe they hold the same status as Hillary Clinton.


Larry Fillmore

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