Thursday, August 4, 2016

Life-Cycle Maintenance Lisbon Maine by Larry Fillmore


Life-Cycle maintenance is a program designed to extend the life of equipment or vehicles.  The program is divided into two parts.  The first is the maintenance side and the second is the replacement side.

The maintenance side is designed to record and schedule regular preventive maintenance to ensure the equipment or vehicles is maintained properly in order to get the most value from the product.  It requires a maintenance record be kept on each piece of equipment and vehicles.  This enables regular preventive maintenance to be performed in order to operate the product at the highest level possible and extend the life of the unit.  Without this factor, equipment and vehicles do not last as long and have to be replaced more frequently because of wear and tear.

The replacement side is how often you have to replace worn out equipment or vehicles.  This is important to know so that a budget can be prepared in order to eliminate replacing multiple pieces of equipment or vehicles all at once.  By proper maintenance these products can be properly budgeted over years thus reducing a massive cost increase in any one year.  This should eliminate the need to replace multiple police vehicles in the same year adding additional costs to the budget needlessly.  Preventive maintenance extends the life of the unit.

The town of Lisbon has no such program according to the Town Manager.  The Asphalt Reclaimer, the town took delivery of on January 23, 2015 has not had any preventive maintenance and still does not have a maintenance record.  All indications are that the town has never performed any maintenance on this piece of equipment since we received it.   According to the Town Manager, the Public Works Director has requested a price from Siemens to do annual preventive maintenance on the unit.  This should occur in the fall of this year.  By the time Mr. Leighton gets around to any preventive maintenance on this product it will have been in service for two years, at least.  Some preventive maintenance program wouldn’t you say?  Instead of paying Mr. Leighton over $90,000.00 to NOT do his job, why don’t we reduce his pay until he starts to provide the service to this community we have been paying him to do?

This town needs to immediately start a Life-Cycle Maintenance program on our equipment and vehicles in order to get the maximum effectiveness out of these items and extend their life.  This would reduce the cost of replacing them so often.

Larry Fillmore 

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