Monday, August 15, 2016

"GOOD OLD BOYS" At it again In LISBON Maine


In a democracy the majority rules, this is no longer the case in Lisbon.  In Lisbon the town is ruled by the “Good Old Boys” network as demonstrated by the latest decision by the Planning Board.  On Tuesday night, during the Town Council meeting, Planning Board Chairman, Don Fellows (Good Old Boy) will brief the Town Council with Chairman Roger Bickford (Good Old Boy) on the Planning Boards recommendation on commercialism Route 9.

Back in 2012 there was a similar situation about changing the zoning on Route 9 to include making some, if not all, of Route 9 commercial.  At that time, the majority of the people wanted no changes made to the zoning or land use on Route 9.  At that time, because the majority had spoken, the Planning Board and the Town Council dropped the issue.

However, in 2015 Gina & Rick Mason (members of the Good Old Boys network) request that the Town Council allow them to sell used cars from their property on Route 9.  Currently, this violates the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance and the Land Use Table. 

This time the Planning Board conducted a survey, Public Workshop and Public Hearing on changing the zoning on Route 9.  In EVERY CASE, the majority of the people did not want to change the zoning on Route 9.  Now, in a democracy this should have been the end to it but since it was not the answer the “Good Old Boys” wanted to hear, the saga continues.  YOU CAN NOT FIX STUPID!

Under “Other Observations, the Planning Board Chairman Fellows writes “It is possible that small auto sales (such as for only one, two or even a few cars) could be acceptable, though certainly a larger number of cars (10 or more) seems to be unfavorable.”  This suggestion is in direct violation of the towns Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and the Land Use Table.  However, this is exactly how the “Good Old Boys” network works.  One “Good Old Boy” (Masons) wants to do something illegal gets his fellow “Good Old Boys” (Bickford and Fellows) to make it happen.  In fact, this will be the second time the Masons have requested to something illegal.  The first time it was approved on a temporary basis without an expiration date.  How do you have a temporary condition without an expiration date????

Planning Board Chairman Fellows writes “Specifically with regard to the issue of auto sales, there was a general acknowledgement that residents could be open to considering some small expansion on auto sales allowances.”  This is an accurate statement as written but as usual very very misleading.  The majority of residents do not want any changes made on Route 9 as previously stated by Chairman Fellows but because the Masons and kin stated that they did not have any objections, this makes it accurate.  However, the majority rule in a democracy and that should be the end of this question.  JUST SAY NO TO THE MASONS!!!!!
The residents of Lisbon need to take back our town and eliminate the fraud, waste and abuse.  The majority of the people were very adamant they do not want any changes to Route 9 to include changing any zoning to commercial.

The members of the Town Council need to put a stop to Chairman Bickford’s continued insistent to drag this out until he gets the answer the “Good Old Boys” want.  The majority have spoken four times now and said the same thing “Stop screwing with Route 9!”

Let’s return democracy to Lisbon.

Larry Fillmore  

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