Sunday, August 21, 2016

All Residents Of Lisbon Must Be Treated Equally

At last Tuesdays Town Council Meeting we saw Town Council Chair, Mr. Bickford,  attempt to circumvent the will of the vast majority of Lisbon residents. He used his Council position to deny closure on the Rte. 9 zoning change request. 

During the Council discussions  three of the Councilors recognized the residents wishes and were ready to vote to put an end to the zoning change investigation.  Chairman Bickford recognizing he didn't have the votes necessary to quash the closure vote, tabled the issue until Councilor Metivier could vote and assumably block the closure.

I hope the Council is fully aware that Councilor Crafts is a close relative of the people bringing this zoning change request (1st. cousins) and therefore MUST recuse himself from voting on  anything associated with this zoning change. 

At the meeting Chairman Bickford also told us only 1 family on rte. 9 requested a zoning change and that was Rick and Gina Mason. According to Mr. Bickford the Masons want to open a used car lot on their rte, 9 property.  

It is time to put this investigation to bed. We have had four meetings/public hearings on this issue this year along with a survey.  All of the hearings and the survey say the same thing ---- Lisbon Residents don't want any changes on rte. 9.

I wonder if Councilor Bickford would put the same effort into this zoning change if it came from someone less influential..  (Senator Mason is the son for Rick and Gina Mason and Gina Mason is running for State Rep.)  

Lisbon doesn't treat everyone like they treat Rick and Gina Mason. I can remember a few years ago we foreclosed on a gentleman's home on 3 village street even though he was doing everything possible to clear up the problem. It turned out the town had over valued his home by tens of thousands of dollars thus creating a large debt that he couldn't pay. Even after discovering our mistake we didn't return his property.  


Joe Hill

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