Thursday, August 18, 2016


At Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting, Chairman Roger Bickford used his position as Chairman to table a vote on Route 9 until such time as Councilor Metivier could vote. Knowing, he did not have the votes to pass more wasted time on the Route 9 issue of allowing used cars to be sold in violation of OUR Comprehensive Plan, zoning, and Land Use Table, he tabled the agenda item.

This is another example of the “Good Old Boys” network controlling Lisbon. It is apparent; Roger Bickford is a member of the “Good Old Boys” network. On four separate occasions; THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE SPOKE OUT RESOUNDLY BY STATING THEY DID NOT WANT ANY CHANGES TO THE ZONING ON ROUTE 9. However, Chairman Bickford must have promised his good friend and fellow “Good Old Boy” Rick Mason that he would push it through so Rick could sell used cars on his property. Tuesday night, Chairman Bickford did not have the votes to move forward on this issue without Councilor Metivier.

Chairman Fellows, Planning Board, recommended several options and all but one was illegal. The right answer and only legal option was to wait until the review of the Comprehensive Plan. This should have ended any further discussion on this issue. However, Chairman Bickford does not care if it is legal or not as long as his fellow Good Old Boy gets his way. Councilor Metivier is a partner of Chairman Bickford in everything. Remember the problems two years ago with the School Department, stopping the project on the Communication Center and now Route 9. Chairman Bickford and Councilor Metivier have been the ringleaders behind all these problems that continue to waste taxpayer’s funds needlessly. These two Councilors have done enough damage to this community and need to be voted out of office in November.

One would think that when the majority of the people speak that would be the end of it. That is not good enough for the “Good Old Boy” network because it is not the answer they wanted to hear. Lisbon is no longer a democracy where the majority rules. Of course, when the Town Council votes the majority rules but then again it all depends on who you are.

There were 15 agenda items and the Council voted on all except the Route 9 issue  
because Chairman Bickford would not vote until he had Councilor Metivier there for his vote.

What an abuse of his power?

Larry Fillmore

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