Wednesday, August 24, 2016

98 facts and secrets Facebook knows about YOU


Here are the alarming 98 facts and secrets Facebook knows about YOU

Social network reveals the astonishing amount of data it holds on people who uses its services
You might say it’s your partner or perhaps your mum, assuming you’ve had the sort of tame life a parent would find acceptable.
But you’d be wrong, because tech companies now have more information about you than almost anyone else.
The firm with the largest information stash is likely to be Google, which could theoretically tell an awful lot about your life based on your search history.
Facebook has a staggering amount of info about its users
But coming in at second place has to be Facebook, the social network which holds gazillions of our photos, conversations and innermost thoughts.
Now Mark Zuckerberg’s firm has revealed the 98 “data points” it holds on all users, which can be found in a new website revealing how it targets users with advertising.
“We want the ads people see on Facebook to be interesting, useful and relevant,” a Facebook spokesman said.
“Like many companies, we use widely available information to help show people better ads. However, unlike many of those companies, we provide information that helps explain this practice, and we give people ways to opt out and help control their experience.”
So here are the facts and secrets Facebook has found out about you or is trying to discover, according to the Washington Post.
1.  Your location
2. Age
3. Generation
4. Gender
5. Language
6. Education level

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