Saturday, July 16, 2016


Last Thursday night, the Planning Board held another meeting to hear residents’ opinion on changing the Zoning on Route 9 only this time they called it “future Land Use & growth.  Also, it was called a “Public Hearing” instead of a “Public Workshop”.  The purpose was to hear how the people feel about changing the zoning on Route 9 again.
The Planning Board heard the very same answer as they received on the survey and at the public workshop.  The majority of those that attended were united in their opinion with the exception of Rick and Gina Mason who want to have a “Used Car Lot” on their land.  The majority opinion of the survey, public workshop and now the public hearing remains the same and that is “DO NOT CHANGE THE ZONING ON ROUTE 9”.  The question has been asked now three times and answered the same way three times.  My opinion is for the Planning Board and Chairman of the Town Council Roger Bickford to stop wasting every ones time and move on to more important items like lowering taxes.

However, Planning Board Chairman Don Fellows summoned it up best when he recommended that the Planning Board report back to the Town Council NOT to mess with Route 9.  Hopefully Chairman Bickford will take the Planning Boards recommendation on the zoning of Route 9 and put a stop to this nonsense; asked and answered more than enough times.

Now, I am concerned as to the second part of this respond by Chairman Fellows to the Town Council.  Chairman Fellows wants to leave it open until they can find an illegal way so the Rick and Gina Mason can have their used car lot on their property.  I say illegal because the current ordinances of the town strictly prohibit this action. 

Can anyone tell me why our current ordinances should be changed to pacify one family?  The town ordinances should be applied to all residents and not be manufactured just for one family even if they are members of the “Good Old Boys” network.  The Planning Board has said “NO” too many other requests but cannot say not to Rick and Gina Mason.  The Planning Board needs to learn how to say “NO” to the Good Old Boys members instead of making exceptions for them.  Rick Mason has already received an illegal Conditional Use approval for his excavation business.  The Land Use Ordinance stated it could be approved on a temporary basis.  The Planning Board approved it without any expiration date or conditions many years ago and no one has bothered to enforce our ordinances and they all know about it.  Once again making exceptions for a Good Old Boy!

This issued needs to be closed completely by just saying “NO” to Rick and Gina Mason request. How can we elect someone to a state position if they put themselves above the law? Gina Mason is now running for State Represintitave.   Good Old Boys are not Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!

Larry Fillmore

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