Thursday, July 21, 2016


On Monday night, the Town Council held a workshop to discuss three items:  Charter Changes, Discontinued Roads, and Davis Street – Speed Bumps & Stop Signs. 

The workshop started off by talking about what Charter Changes need to be placed on this year’s November ballot.  Chairman Bickford opened by asking the Town Attorney about what has to be done to the Charter to allow citizens to vote on our Municipal Budget.  The Attorney stated that it would require a major overhaul of the Charter.  Next, Councilor Albert asked about trying to correct the confusion that occurred last year on the School Budget and what can be done to prevent a reoccurrence. The solution has not been resolved so the people need to watch for more.  The Town Manager wants to recycle changes from last year that did not pass.

Next, the Council listened to Ryan Leighton talk about the town plowing private driveways and property.  This is a continuation of the same discuss that each council has had for the past six years without any resolution.  This year the Town Attorney advised that the town take action to notify these property owners that the town will no longer plow or maintain these accesses.  Ryan Leighton was tasked to prepare a list of these properties and have the Town Manager contact property owners with notification of the town’s intentions.

The final item on the agenda was Davis Street and how to deal with the speeders.  Chairman Bickford recommended putting a three-way stop sign in lieu of speed bumps.  As in a workshop, the Council cannot take a binding vote but everyone informally agreed this was a good solution to try.

Now, as usual, Fern LaRochelle asked the Council to create a Route 196 committee to handle issues on Route 196.  He also requested that the Match Grant funds of $50,000 be turned over to this group.  Even though Fern LaRochelle was not on the agenda in accordance with the Council Working Rules, he was allowed to present this proposal.  This was accepted by Chairman Bickford as one Good Old Boy to another.

Larry Fillmore 

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