Monday, July 11, 2016

Is This What We Want On Rte. 9. ?

Several years ago Lisbon attempted to change the zoning on rte. 9 from residential to commercial.  This attempt was quashed by Rte. 9 residents as well as the public in general.

Again this year some of the "good old boys" attempted to change this zoning to help one of their own  open another used car lot in Lisbon. 

Several weeks ago the Council held a workshop to get residents opinions on changing some or part of rte. 9 to commercial zoning. The workshop attendees (60+people)  overwhelmingly rejected this idea and told the Council they wanted to keep rte. 9 residential. 

After all of this rejection you would think Lisbon Council would drop this unwanted zoning change and get on with other Council business.  This is not the case.

It appears the Council doesn't want to take "no" for an answer.  Another public hearing is going to be announced in the near future in the hope it will give the Council the justification needed for this zoning change. When a "good old boy" wants something the Council will do whatever is necessary to accommodate their wishes.

I will not bore you with all the valid reasons the workshop gave to keep the residential zoning but I will try to give you a visual of what could happen to rte. 9 if the Council is allowed to give their friends this zoning change.

Changing rte. 9 to commercial will open it up to --USED CAR LOTS ---- JUNK YARDS --- TATTOO PARLORS ---PAYDAY LOAN SHARKS --- ETC..  None of these businesses will bring the kind of patrons that we want in Lisbon.

I am sure that the Council's friend would keep an attractive USED CAR LOT but they aren't the ones we need to be worried about. When we  change the zoning for them it is also changed for everyone else that wants to place a business on rte. 9.

We should not jeopardize rte 9's beauty because one of the "good old boy's" wants a USED CAR LOT.  We have enough of them on rte. 196.

Don't let the Council wear you down on this issue.  Tell  them to stop catering to "the good old boys".

Joe Hill

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