Friday, June 10, 2016

Is Lisbon Maine defrauding taxpayers out of Thousands of Dollars By inflating Home Valuations? (part 1)

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How many other Lisbon Residents have fallen victim to Mr. Van Tuinen  magic tape measure.  How many taxpayers have seen their valuations rise even though their homes are aging and no longer in pristine condition?  

My story begins 11 years ago when I had a  full foundation dug and poured on my 3.5 acre lot. I then placed  a two story modular home (4 boxes) on this 935 sq. ft. foundation.

 My home is not your ordinary home it is a unique home because sometime between its manufacture and the arrival of Mr. Van Tuinen my home grew by 34 sq feet. This miraculous growth is documented by assessor Van Tuinen's magic tape measure. I am not joking, Mr. Van Tuinen states my home is now 1904 sq feet even though my home's sales receipt, blueprints and foundation paperwork all clearly state I have an 1870 sq. ft.home on a 935 sq.ft foundation.   

My home's miraculous growth  stems from an accident it had while in transport to Maine.  This accident damaged 12 floor joists which made it impossible to set the modular units together while still lining up with existing undamaged boxes.  This alignment problem necessitated placing the base units a couple inches apart for alignment purposes.  (this damage is  documented by court records and pictures)

Instead of seeing this damage as a "negative"  that detracted from my homes value,  Mr. Van Tuinen's magic tape saw this as an opportunity to increase my home's size which in turn increases the tax paid to the town. --- FRAUD --pure and simple.

What bothers me most is Lisbon's unwillingness to correct his obvious mistake even though there are dozens of pages of court records, pictures and legal documents to support my assertion.

 Why is Lisbon's assessors office refusing to admit their mistake? Is there something else at work here?

  • Is this an attempt to punished me for writing about problems in Lisbon's government ----- Possibly

  • Has Mr. Van Tienun  made this measuring mistake on other properties and is afraid to admit his mistake for fear others will also want justice ?----- Possibly

  • Is this another racially motivated act? ------- Possibly  (I am a member of Lisbon's 2% Native American population.)

The reason behind this injustice is not as important to me as is correcting this injustice.

With all the evidence aside, common sense should tell Mr. Van Tuinen you can't put a 1904 sq. ft. 2 story building on a 935 sq. ft. foundation unless you have an overhanging  garrison style home, mine is a straight Colonial.

We must put restraints on Mr. Van Tuinen's magic tape measure. He must be told homes don't grow just because you change your siding or install exterior insulation.  Taking money from taxpayer this way is  FRAUD.

Lisbon must stop defrauding taxpayers.

Joe Hill

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